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A Look At The Martin OME Cherry Sustainable Wood Acoustic Guitar
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A Look At The Martin OME Cherry Acoustic Guitar

The Martin OME Cherry is a special guitar that deserves some time in your hands. As the name indicated, this guitar does away with the more traditional Mahogany or Rosewood back and sides and trades them for Cherry wood. The Martin OME Cherry is FSC certified. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a Chain-of-Custody Certification that ensures sustainability in the woods being used on selected Martin guitars.  This means that this guitar not only sounds great it is also environmentally and socially friendly. 

Even though it is built with Cherry wood, this OME is still 100% Martin. The Cherry is paired with a solid Sitka Spruce top, a mahogany performance neck that is adorned with an ebony fretboard and an African Blackwood head plate. 

"OM" stands for orchestra model, which is a small body when compared to a traditional dreadnought. This body size is comfortable to play while sitting or standing. That paired with a Fishman MAtrix VT Enhance pickup system, make this guitar great for live performance. 

It is not uncommon for smaller bodied guitars to have less bass response than their dreadnought counterparts, but the Martin OME Cherry will surprise you with the bass it projects. A beautiful even tone with enough bass to fill the room. 

Is This Guitar For You?

If you are looking for a smaller bodied guitar with pro-level electronics and an easy to play neck, the Martin OME Cherry may be for you. In addition, the FSC Certification will make you feel good about playing this beauty. Visit Product Page Now >>

To try out the Martin OME Cherry, visit us in Bozeman Montana, or get an in hand review by giving us a call at (406) 587-4761 or visit our website www.musicvilla.com


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