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A Look At The New Yamaha Transacoustic Guitars
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The Yamaha FS-TA & FG-TA TransAcoustic Guitars

This year at NAMM, while walking the Yamaha booth we were introduced to the TransAcoustic FG-TA and FS-TA. If you have been following us for a while you may remember the “LL” line of TransAcoustic guitars, which we loved, but this new FG series breaks the mold in terms of price point. 


The TransAcoustic line is a unique series from Yamaha that includes an actuator installed onto the inner surface of the guitar. This actuator vibrates in response to the strings, which in turn is conveyed to the body of the guitar, and to the air in and around the guitar body. This process generates authentic reverb and chorus sounds from inside the guitar body without the need to be plugged into an amp. 

These effects are controlled by simple knobs installed on the side of the guitar. One knob for chorus, one for reverb and the final knob for line-out volume. 

Adding these effects makes the spontaneous jam session, or playing on the couch all that much more enjoyable. 

In addition to built-in effects, the FG series of TransAcoustic are solid acoustic guitars. Built with a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, these guitars are perfect for studio and stage and at the price point they are, you won’t be afraid to take it camping or to the beach. 

Yamaha Transacoustic


The FS line of TransAcoustics comes in two models, the FG-TA and the FS-TA. Both guitars have the same TransAcoustic system, are built with the same woods and quality control, but only differ in the shape of the guitar.

The FS-TA is a smaller bodied concert sized guitar while the FG-TA is a full-size dreadnought.

Many people find the smaller FS-TA more comfortable to play, especially sitting down while the full body of the FG-TA delivers more room filling low end acoustically.


For under $600 these are awesome guitars, and you can’t go wrong with either one of them. If you are looking for a guitar that sounds great unplugged as well as plugged in and offers a unique unplugged experience, the TransAcoustic is your answer. Choose the FS-TA is you like the feel of a smaller bodied concert guitar and go with the FG-TA if you want the big sound of a dreadnought. 

To try out the Yamaha TransAcoustics, visit us in Bozeman Montana, or get an in hand review by giving us a call at (406) 587-4761 or visit our website www.musicvilla.com


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