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Did You know? 5 Facts About the Gibson Dove Acoustic Guitar
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Throughout the years, Gibson has released a number of recognizable acoustic guitars that have found a special place in guitar history. Among those guitars is the Dove Acoustic guitar. Released in 1962, the Dove is still in the Gibson Acoustic Guitar lineup. 

Here are 5 facts that you may not know about the Gibson Dove Acoustic. 

1. The Dove was Gibson's second square-shouldered dreadnought. It was released just two years after the Gibson Hummingbird and featured a maple back and sides as well as a longer scale length to complement the mahogany back and sides and the shorter scale length of the Hummingbird. 

2. During part of the 70's, the Dove transformed to the Dove Custom, which gained massive popularity once Elvis Presley started touring with one. 

Dove Custom Acacia

3. Both the Dove and the Hummingbird were produced to compete against the recently released Martin Dreadnought. It is believed that Gibson decided to create more aesthetically ornate instruments to differentiate from the "plain" Martin Dreadnought.

4. The first generation of the Dove Acoustics came with "tune-o-matic" saddles. These metal saddles were short-lived as most consumers did not know how to use them and many believed in deteriorated the sound quality. 

5. Due to its visual appeal, many artists have been found playing a Gibson Dove. As noted earlier, Elvis famously played one as well as John Mellencamp and more recently KT Tunstall (You Can see her playing a Dove in the video below)

The Gibson Dove will always be an iconic guitar. In addition to the Hummingbird, Music Villa carries a wide variety of Gibson Acoustics and is honored to be a Gibson 5 Star Dealer. 

Come in or give us a call at (406) 587-4761 to find your dream Gibson Acoustic Guitar. 


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