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Did You know? 5 Facts About the Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar

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The Hummingbird is one of the most popular Gibson Acoustic models, but did you know?

When it comes to Gibson acoustics, one of the most recognizable models in their extensive history is the Hummingbird. It's ornate pickguard and square shoulders make it instantly recognizable on any stage.

1. The Hummingbird was Gibson's first square shoulder dreadnought. Released in 1960 the Hummingbird was created to compete with the Square Shouldered Martin Dreadnoughts first introduced in 1916. 


2. At the time of its release, the hummingbird was the second most expensive guitar in the Gibson acoustic lineup. Only the J-200 was more expensive. This was the case until 1962, when the introduction of the Gibson Dove, challenged the top spot.

3. In 1962, the list price of a Hummingbird was $250. To put that in perspective, in 1962, the average rent was 110.00, Tuition at Harvard was a mere $1520 and the cost of a new house averaged $12,500 and gas was .27 a gallon!

4. One of the most influential artists to play and thus increase the popularity of the Hummingbird was Jimmy Page. It has been noted that Page played both Hummingbirds and J-200 on iconic songs such as "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You", "Ramble On" and "Gallows Pole".

Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic

5. The Gibson Hummingbird is manufactured at the Gibson acoustic guitar factory in Bozeman, MT. Gibson started moving acoustic production to Bozeman in 1989, and was in full swing by the end of 1990. Previous to acoustic guitar the Bozeman factory had been manufacturing mandolins for a few years before that. Bozeman is also where Music Villa lives and we are less than 4 miles away from the Gibson Acoustic factory!

If a Hummingbird is on your guitar shopping list, give Music Villa a call at  (406) 587-4761 and we can help you find your dream guitar.


Blake Simpson
My dad always said this was the guitar he would like to have had. And me? I like the Gibson Dove on display at the airport - it has a Tune-O-Matic bridge, which gives acoustics thus equipped a drier sound and quicker decay, like on the later Beatles albums. (Paul Reed Smith thinks I'm insane.)

Don Butler
I bought an "Historic `60's Hummingbird" from you all in 2006 (guitar was built in late 2005 and is one out of 25 made in that run). It has turned into an amazing guitar over time.

Don Butler
BTW, a huge player of Hummingbird's was Keith Richards. Back in the Sixties if you heard an acoustic guitar on a Stones record, it was Keith's Hummingbird.

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