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Fender's New 2018 American Original Series - An Electric Land Review
CATEGORY: Product News, Electric Land Reviews

Formally the "Vintage" Series, Fender's new "American Original" Series boasts "best of the decade" versions of their most iconic instruments, but with even more playability for the modern player!

We're SUPER excited about these new models from Fender! In fact, we've already sold a few but more are arriving daily. Keep up with our Fender inventory here: https://www.musicvilla.com/fender/electrics

To prove our excitement for these new models, we've actually launched our debut episode of "The Electric Land" featuring the American Original Telecaster, Stratocaster, and Jaguar. Watch (above) as Blaise & Joe discuss the new specs, and much more!!

And stay tuned for next week's Electric Land review of Fender's new Hot Rod Deluxe IV.

What's NEW in the American Original Line?

American Original instruments offer specially voiced pickups crafted for the authentic sound and performance of specific model years. We used original-era construction techniques and materials to recreate vintage-style Fender tone.

Every curve and line of the necks are accurate to the historic originals. Sculpted for a vintage-style playing feel, we even used period-accurate techniques to carve and attach the fingerboards. They’re comfortable and ideal for any playing style.

American Original instruments feature one of the great original-era Fender electric guitar finishes— a lacquer finish. Lets the wood “breathe” naturally with resonant tone and ages in a distinctively appealing way.

The American Original Lineup:

  • American Original 50's Stratocaster
  • American Original 60's Stratocaster
  • American Original 50's Telecaster
  • American Original 60's Telecaster
  • American Original 60's Jazzmaster
  • American Original 60's Jaguar
  • American Original 50's P-Bass
  • American Original 60's P-Bass
  • American Original 60's Jazz Bass
  • American Original 70's Jazz Bass

Shop what's currently in-stock on our site now: https://www.musicvilla.com/fender/electrics
For more details from Fender, go here: https://www.fender.com/pages/american-original-electric-guitars-basses

Call us regarding what's coming soon, shipping, and current inventory at (406) 587-4761.



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