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The Martin 000-30 Authentic, A Vintage Masterpiece
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Every once in a while you experience a guitar that is so rare, so stunning, so breathtaking that it deserves to be re-created so more guitarists can enjoy it. This is what the Martin 000-30-Authentic accomplished. 

Background of the Martin 000-30

In 1919 Martin Guitars manufactured a total of two (2) 000-30 guitars. One of those two guitars is in the Martin Museum and is the guitar the 000-30 Authentic is based on. 

Every detail was painstakingly reproduced in order to create a guitar that "authentically" reproduces the original. This included in-depth research to accurately reproduce the top binding color since the original had faded. 

Features of the Martin 000-30 Authentic

When measuring the original 000-30, the Martin luthiers and engineers noticed that in comparison to many of the other guitars in the authentic line, the back and sides of the original 000-30 were about 20% thinner than other models. That is a significant amount that allows it to sound like a larger guitar with incredible tone. 

In addition, 1919 was a monumental year for Martin as many changes were made that are represented in the 000-30, and reproduced in the 000-30 Authentic. Most notable is the one piece neck. A single piece of wood was carved to create the neck as opposed to multiple pieces glued together for the neck and headstock. 

It is also worth noting that 1919 was the first year that Martin moved away from ivory to an ivoroid binding. 

The 000-30 Authentic is carefully crafted with hide glue construction, a dovetail neck joint,  Adirondack spruce top, solid Madagascar rosewood back and sides, ivoroid binding, black ebony fingerboard inlaid with abalone 1919 snowflakes and a black ebony bridge.

Martin has done a fantastic job recreating history with this very special model for 2017. 

Click here to view the 000-30 Authentic on our website.

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