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The Music Store: Luke Guitarwalker

Episode 30: A conversation about Star Wars gets out of hand when Luke decides to prove his undying love of the saga. But does this stunt make him a bigger fan than Blue? And will any actual work get done in the process?
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The Music Store: Nate the Great
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Episode 29: Music Villa's new acoustic repairman is a "great" guy with a huge appetite for NCAA basketball... but how will this Arizona boy fit in with the Montana natives?? Read On


The Music Store: Spirit of Rock n Roll (ghost story)
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Episode 28: In the year 2000, Music Villa moved into it's current location. The crew has several stories of the spirits that came with the building... do you believe in ghosts? You might after watching this episode! Read On


The Music Store: Doggy Dish
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Episode 27: Music Villa has always been a dog-friendly establishment. In this episode we "dish" about some iconic dogs from past eras, and a fresh batch of newcomers. "We LOVE our store dogs!" Read On


The Music Store: Food Fighters
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Episode 26: Everyone has their quirks, especially when it comes to lunch. Watch the guys assess each other's hungry habits while fighting for the time & space to enjoy their own respective rituals. Read On


The Music Store: Barnyard Trade In
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Season 3; Episode 5: Paul, the owner of this fine Montana music store, is notorious for taking wacky, swap meet style trades in exchange for guitars, drums, PA gear and virtually every other kind of music equipment that Music Villa carries... Read On

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