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A Look At the Gibson Hummingbird Rosewood Avant Garde Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
The Hummingbird Rosewood Avant Garde is a modern take on what a performance Hummingbird would be. This guitar is perfect for someone looking for their next live or studio guitar. Read On


A Look at the 2018 Martin D-35 and HD-35 | What is the Difference?
CATEGORY: Product News
The Martin "D" guitars (dreadnought) have been the industry standard since the release of the D-1 and D-2 in 1931. The dreadnought shape helps produce a full rounded tone that can fill a room. Over the years Martin has produced a number of dreadnoughts, but two of their most popular models continue to be the HD-35 and D-35. Read On


A Look at the Gibson Super 200 Birdseye Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
One look at this Gibson Super 200 and it is undeniable that this acoustic guitar is stunning! Built as a limited edition, this guitar features a birdseye maple back and sides paired with a Sitka Spruce top. This combo of tonewoods, paired with the jumbo body size creates a big tone that allows the complete tonal range to come through. Read On


Comparing the Taylor 314ce X-Bracing vs. V-Class Bracing
CATEGORY: Product News
We recently received our first 314ce with V-class bracing and decided to compare the V-class with X-bracing and let you decide which one you like better. Read On


A Look at the Guild M-240E Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
The bottom line is that the Guild M-240E is an incredible guitar, especially when you consider the price. Its small body size is extremely comfortable to play, and it features high-end specs such as a solid Spruce top and a Fishman pickup system. Read On

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