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The Perfect Travel Guitar? A Look at the Little Martin LX1 & LXM
CATEGORY: Product News
Everyone needs a great "little" guitar. They are great for travel, bonfires or simply having in the living room for an impromptu jam session. But can a little guitar actually sound good and feel great? The answer is a resounding yes with the LXM and LX1 Little Martin Guitars. Read On


The Music Store: Halftime Hecklers
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Episode 34: It's clear the guys didn't know what to think about the JT Super Bowl Halftime Show, but who do they think would be better?? And who are their favorites from halftime history past? Read On


A Look At The Martin OME Cherry Sustainable Wood Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
The Martin OME Cherry is a special guitar that deserves some time in your hands. As the name indicated, this guitar does away with the more traditional Mahogany or Rosewood back and sides and trades them for Cherry wood. The Martin OME Cherry is FSC certified. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a Chain-of-Custody Certification that ensures sustainability in the woods being used on selected Martin guitars. This means that this guitar not only sounds great it is also environmentally and socially friendly. Read On


Sabian FRX vs XSR Decibal Test - FRX Frequency Reduced Cymbals
CATEGORY: Product News
Geno tests the frequencies of 2 popular cymbals... the XSR vs FRX. Will the frequency reduced FRX be that much lower in volume? Read On


A Look At The Taylor 516ce Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
If you are looking for a comfortable guitar with great action and a unique look the 516ce is a great fit. This tonal powerhouse is great for those who like even tone without too much bass or treble. Read On

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