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The Music Store: As A Sitcom??
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Season 3, Episode 1: Paul desperately wants a new episode of The Music Store, but Levi & Dustin are too busy... so he hires a local film crew to create a new, scripted sitcom version of the show. Here's a little behind the scenes of the whole debacle. Read On


The Music Store: Reunion Show Finale
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Season 2, Episode 10: In the Season 2 Finale Episode of “The Music Store” we stage a “Real Housewives” style reunion show with the entire staff of the Music Store. Watch the debauchery ensue in this roller-coaster ride of a finale. Read On


The Music Store: Hairway to Heaven
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Season 2, Episode 9: A shocking decision to go to beauty school leaves a gaping hole in Music Villa that begs to be filled. There’s only one man for the job. Get loads of Stacy at beauty school and see what makes Joe Knapp tick in quite possibly the most theatrical episode of “The Music Store” yet. Read On


The Music Store: Higher Fidelity
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Season 2, Episode 8: People say Paul looks just like John Cusack from High Fidelity. In fact, “The Music Store” in general behaves much like an old-school record store. Watch as the guys argue over their favorite albums in true High Fidelity fashion. Read On


The Music Store: Code Blue
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Season 2, Episode 7: Another new guy gets thrown in the mix at “The Music Store,” and like most new guys, becomes the designated errand runner. Hired as an apprenticing guitar repairman, Blue finds himself doing the jobs nobody else wants to do. Read On

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