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Electric Land Gear & Beer Show - [EP2] Joey Caldwell from Ranges
CATEGORY: Gear & Beer Show
Gear & Beer Show [EP2]: On today's episode, Joe & Blaise show us some crazy cool Limited Edition Road Worn Telecasters and a special guest (Joey Caldwell from Ranges) shows up with some Modelo. They talk pedal boards, jazzmasters, tour dates, and more!! Read On


The Gibson J-45 | Standard vs Long Scale
CATEGORY: Product News
For over 70 years, the Gibson J-45 has been one of the most iconic acoustic guitars on the planet, and now it is also available in long scale! Read On


Electric Land Gear & Beer Show - [EP1] Peter King and a Triple Jazzmaster
CATEGORY: Gear & Beer Show
Gear & Beer Show [EP1]: Today we celebrate 60 years of Fender's Jazzmaster with special guest, Peter King, who saves the day by making a SUPER quick beer run. They also jam some Salamanders tunes with the new "Triple Jazzmaster." Read On


A Look at The Martin OM Arts & Crafts 2018
CATEGORY: Product News
With only 100 guitars being produced, if you are looking for a truly unique instrument that not only plays and sounds great but is a piece of art, the 2018 OM-Arts & Crafts Acoustic guitar is the choice for you. Read On


A Look at the Taylor MV Custom Baritone Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
Musicians are always looking for a way to add texture and depth to their music, and the Taylor MV (Music Villa) Custom Baritone acoustic could be just what you need to add some sweet tones, without having to learn new chord shapes or even a new instrument. Read On

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