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Bergantino Forte Head & HG310 Cabinet - Bass Amp Review
CATEGORY: Product News
Today we sit down with Geno to discuss the all new Bergantino Forte Head and Bergantino HG310 Cabinet with a bonus salute to the new Fender American Elite Jazz Bass! Just listen to this combination! Read On


A Look at the Martin OM-42 Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
There are some players that like the looks of a guitar, others are tone purist, then there are those that want both looks and tone. For those who demand both the Martin, OM-42 Acoustic guitar may be the perfect match. Read On


Review | Martin D-18 Authentic 1939 Aged
CATEGORY: Product News
If you crave the look and tone of a vintage Martin but don't want to have to take a second mortgage out on your home to buy one, we have your answer. Read On


Fender 2018 Limited Edition Strat-Tele Hybrid - Parallel Universe Series
CATEGORY: Product News, Electric Land Reviews
In today's "Parallel Universe" episode, Joe & Blaise switch seats (and underwear) to talk about Fender's highly anticipated new strat-tele hybrid. They also enjoy a coffee stout from Bridger Brewing and much more!! Read On


PRS John Mayer Silver Sky Signature - Electric Land Review
CATEGORY: Product News, Electric Land Reviews
In today's episode, Blaise & Joe sample the "Mad Mile" Cream Ale from Bridger Brewing while reviewing the much anticipated John Mayer Silver Sky PRS... which isn't quite what they expected!!! Read On

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