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Quinton's Lick of the Week (#1) - Classic Bluegrass Finish Lick
CATEGORY: Online Guitar Lessons
We get the request all the time... Why doesn't Quinton do any lesson videos?? Well, we listened and today we're super excited to launch his first free "lick of the week," a classic bluegrass finish lick. Enjoy!! Read On


Comparing the Taylor 314ce X-Bracing vs. V-Class Bracing
CATEGORY: Product News
We recently received our first 314ce with V-class bracing and decided to compare the V-class with X-bracing and let you decide which one you like better. Read On


A Look at the Guild M-240E Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
The bottom line is that the Guild M-240E is an incredible guitar, especially when you consider the price. Its small body size is extremely comfortable to play, and it features high-end specs such as a solid Spruce top and a Fishman pickup system. Read On


A Look at the Guild D-55 Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
The Guild D-55 is a classic acoustic guitar with some modern touches that add to the tone. If you are looking for a big sounding dreadnought that can keep up with the big dogs, this is your answer. Read On


Fender's Parallel Universe #4 - The Troublemaker Telecaster!
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews, Product News
In this episode, Blaise applies his elephant studies to his personal research of Fender's newest Parallel Universe guitars... which yields no results. The fellas also claim that this 4th guitar in the series is their favorite so far while sipping a Lee Metcalf Pale Ale from Bridger Brewing. Read On

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