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Squirrel Gravy

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Squirrel Gravy

Squirrel Gravy blends country, bluegrass, and folk-rock into a Cosmic American stew that is as delicious as it is nutritious. Pickin and grinnin, singing harmonies, and playing a mix of covers and originals. Come and get a heapin' helpin' of Squirrel Gravy.

Squirrel Gravy is the latest incarnation of two brothers that have been playing music and singing harmonies together since they were kids. Steffan and Ken May play acoustic and bass guitars and sing like howler monkeys and Brett Goodell pounds out the beats. The sound is a blend of country, bluegrass, and folk-rock with other eclectic influences from jazz to indie rock. The original material is written by Steffan May. The band covers a variety of bands from old (like Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, and the Everly Brothers) to new (like Sturgill Simpson, Band of Horses, and Tim Easton), putting their own spin on songs that at times sound quite different than the original versions. Squirrel Gravy hopes to pick up and run with the Cosmic American torch lit by artists such as Gram Parsons, Michael Nesmith, Buffalo Springfield and the Grateful Dead, who looked to combine traditional country, bluegrass, and folk with newer concepts in psychedelic rock.

Lots of music on the website, www.steffanmaymusic.com