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Trial By Fire

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Trial By Fire

Founded on the dreams of maybe being paid one day to play music, lead singer/rhythm guitarist Jory Schipman and lead guitarist Christopher Pippin came together in 2009 after Jory DJ'd Chris's 15th wedding anniversary party. While they were able to meld musically, life was too busy for any real commitment at the time. Fast forward to September 2012, the duo reunited, with bass player Luke Juras and drummer Jesse Turner, and made it official. Naming themselves after the medieval ordeal to prove oneself, the band began rehearsing in front of a live audience once a week. By the spring of 2013 they were ready to not only play gigs but to do so with precision and a party attitude.
The band has gone through normal personnel changes with the constant presence of Jory and Chris. Current members are: Rachel Sigmunstad on vocals/keyboards/percussion/ukelele; Ben Miller on bass; and "Machine Gun" Kelly McCann on the drums and Monster energy drinks. Very talented musicians!!!!! Don't miss your chance to see them if they come to your town!!!!
Band is based out of Malta and Glasgow.