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Nik Damjanovich

Looking for Guitarist/Vocalist, or Bassist/Vocalist


Born and raised in the Gallatin Valley. Started taking bass lessons with Eddy T. And Gregg Campbell when I was 10 or 11 for 3 years collectively. Been in working bands for 9 years playing the bar circuits in the Bozeman area and Billings area. Current member of the Bozeman-based band, Groove Wax as Lead/Rhythm Guitar and Vocals. Looking for a seasoned musician who can share lead vocals and play and sing some harmonies. Our bassist is retiring early next year, and our philosophy is bend the music to the players, (our current M.O. can easily morph to accommodate styles and tastes). Ability to improvise within songs is a plus, but to hold down a tight groove is a must! I am able to switch between bass and guitar, so if you can too, Bueno!