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DiMarzio 12" Crank Shaft Pedal Board Cable (Black or Red)


DiMarzio Pedal Board Cables allow players to connect multiple effects pedals together. Our custom low capacitance cables have a dual-layered shield consisting of an extruded carbon jacket plus a copper braid shield. This combination delivers 98% isolation from external electrical noises.  For added protection, our cable is covered in a resilient nylon over braid that protects from cymbal drops and other common stage and studio damage. DiMarzio uses Switchcraft ¼” ends (made in the USA) encapsulated in a super-tough butyrate resin that permanently bonds the plug to the cable. The system is so rugged and durable that DiMarzio Pedal Board Cables carry a lifetime warranty.

  • Cable Length: Jumper / Pedalboard
  • Cable Ends: Crank Shaft
  • Cable Overbraid: Nylon
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