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Music Villa - Bozeman, Montana


539 E. Main, Bozeman MT 59715
(406) 587-4761

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Mon-Sat: 10am-6pm
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Music Villa is located in beautiful Bozeman, Montana and is only 3.3 miles from the Gibson Acoustic Factory. In Bozeman since the 70's, and residing on East Main since 2000, this legendary shop is a full line independent dealer selling quality musical products for everyone from beginner to expert and from hobbyist to collector.

Upon stepping foot into Music Villa you’ll find a remarkable selection of truly amazing guitars as the shop specializes in one-of-a-kind, limited run, and custom acoustics from Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Collings, and PRS, as well as some amazing electrics from Fender, PRS, Gretsch, and more!

The show is a whirlwind of action and hosts a very active calendar filled with FREE events ranging from in-store song writing sessions and instrument clinics, to full-on live performances from local, regional, and national musicians.

Music Villa is also a hub for musicians across Montana, and has successfully created a support network that helps fellow musicians promote their bands and connect with other musicians throughout the state. With an expert staff and fun atmosphere, Music Villa is truly one of the finest pro-gear music stores around. It’s well worth a visit!


Meet the Staff


Paul Decker

Hometown: Bozeman, MT
Position: Owner
Instruments: Drums, Guitar
Can be see playing with: Slim Drifters
Live Rig: Kick, snare, and a couple of cymbals
Influences: Junior Brown, Beatles, John Mayer, Djanjo Reinhardt, Police, Van Halen
Musician you'd like to meet: Junior Brown, again
Who would play you in a movie: John Cussak
Favorite food/drink: Anything Asian & Spicy
Other than music: mastering the wok and the wine

Joe Knapp

Hometown: Juneau, AK
Position: Electric Guitar Specialist
Instruments: Guitar (electric & acoustic), ukulele
Can be see playing with: SlomoJoe Trio, Proghorn Quartet, Salamanders, Western Electric
Live Rig: Fender, Gretsch, Music Man, and Gibson guitars. Mostly Fender amps; Deluxe Reverb, 66 Bassman. Tons of pedals
Influences: Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Nels Cline, The Clash, Funkadelic, Zappa, Hank Williams, Neil Young, Mississippi John Hurt
Who would play you in a movie: Wolverine or Billy Dee Williams, or Rick Grimes (Season 5)
Favorite food/drink: Savory meats from land or sea
Other than music: Hiking, camping, travel

Geno Kreis

Hometown: Helena, MT
Position: Secret Agent Man
Instruments: Bass & Drums
Live Rig: EBS 350 & 410, DiMarzio cable
Influences: Aquarium Rescue Unit, Chick Corea, Fred Hammond, Tower of Power, George Duke, Oteil Burbridge, The Police, Antonio Rey
Musician you'd like to meet: Prince, Neil Peart
Who would play you in a movie: Jonathan Schaech (That Thing You Do)
Favorite food/drink: Chocolate, anything spicy
Other than music: Hiking, x-country skiing


Hometown: Las Cruces, NM
Position: Mr. Accept It
Instruments: Guitar, bass
Can be see playing with: Dark Navy
Live Rig: Fender Jazz Bass, Traynor YBA-IA mark II
Influences: Black Sabbath, Beach Boys, Thee Oh Sees
Musician you'd like to meet: Hotblack Desiato
Who would play you in a movie: Simon Pegg
Favorite food/drink: Kimchi Jjigae / Dean’s Zesty Booch
Other than music: SETI

Luke Flansburg

Hometown: Tiffin, Iowa
Position: Live Sound / Recording / Rental Guru
Instruments: Guitar, bass, vocals, ukulele
Can be see playing with: Pinky and the Floyd, M.O.T.H., Tsunami Funk
Live Rig: Paul Reed Smith and Fender Strats, 68 Vibrolux Reissue Amp, tons of pedals (always changing)
Influences: Pink Floyd, Nirvana, Beatles, Wilco, Phish, Grateful Dead
Musician you'd like to meet: David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Paul McCartney, Trey Anastasio
Who would play you in a movie: Eric Bana

Ron Schimpf

Hometown: Helena, MT
Position: Shipping / Receiving
Instruments: Bass, Saxophone
Can be see playing with: Open Range, Kate and The Alley Kats
Live Rig: EBS 650 Head, EBS 4×10 & 2×12 cabs
Influences: Beatles, Pink Floyd, Tommy Emmanuel
Musician you'd like to meet: Paul McCartney
Who would play you in a movie: Jason Alexander
Favorite food/drink: Mexican
Other than music: Amateur radio KD7FVR


Brett Goodell

Hometown: Rochester, NH
Position: Drum Specialist
Instruments: Drums
Can be see playing with: MOTH, Solidarity Service, Squirrel Gravy
Live Rig: Pearl Masters Custom drums, Gretsch New Classic snare, Meinl Byzance cymbals, Istanbul cymbals, Tama Iron Cobra pedals, Evans heads
Influences: Kris Myers, Adam Deitch, Allen Evans, Ash Soan, KJ Sawka
Musician you'd like to meet: Kris Myers
Who would play you in a movie: Ricky Bobby
Favorite food/drink: Steak and mashed
Other than music: Skiing, Golf, New England pro sports

Nathan Laudenbach

Hometown: Tuscon, AZ
Position: Luthier
Instruments: Guitar, banjo, lap steel
Can be see playing with: Polyhigh
Live Rig: '53 Fender Double Eight
Influences: Leo Kottke, Jerry Byrd, Don Tiki, Jeff Beck, David Lindley
Musician you'd like to meet: Huey Lewis
Who would play you in a movie: Jim Carey
Favorite food/drink: Anchor Burger from Bacchus and a Monk Sour
Other than music: Yo-yo's

Alan Tucker

Hometown: Belgrade, MT
Position: Electric Guitar Repair & Sales
Instruments: Electric guitar
Can be see playing with: Dashboard Carl
Live Rig: LTD EV-401/EVH 5150 III 50 watt/Mesa Boogie 4x12/Dunlop Cantrell wah
Influences: My Dad, KISS, ZZ Top, Flotsam & Jetsam
Musician you'd like to meet: Ace Frehley, Billy Gibbons, Ed Carlson
Who would play you in a movie: Brad Pitt
Favorite food/drink: Chicken Fried Steak, Bud Light Lime, though rarely together
Other than music: accumulating random trivia knowledge

Dustin Tucker

Hometown: Bozeman, MT
Position: Web Content Management / Social Media / Art Direction
Instruments: Guitar and vocals
Can be see playing with: Pinky and the Floyd, Golden Grenade, Echodrive
Live Rig: 82 Fender Concert and Fender Vibrolux amps, Various Fender Guitars, Various Pedals
Influences: Mutemath, Rival Sons, Zero 7, Cage the Elephant, Chili Peppers
Musician you'd like to meet: David Gilmour, Bono
Who would play you in a movie: Owen Wilson
Favorite food/drink: Tacos & IPA
Other than music: Family, friends, running, hiking, biking, outdoors

Scott Bone

Hometown: Tupulo via Toledo
Position: Operations Magician
Instruments: Guitar, Uke, Mandolin
Can be see playing with: various artists
Live Rig: Fender Strat & B-Bender Tele, Music Man St Vincent, various amps, Tons of pedals
Influences: Adam Ant, Big Daddy Kane, Rammstein, Slomojoe
Musician you'd like to meet: John Mayer's father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate.
Who would play you in a movie: Mix of Benny Hill, Spongebob, and Flipper
Favorite food/drink: Tea (iced) - 1 sweetened, 1 unsweetened, mix.
Other than music: Bee Keeping, Amateur Dentistry, Interpretive Dance through Puppetry.