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Gibson Acoustic

Music Villa is an Exclusive 5 Star Gibson Acoustic Dealer

Gibson 5 star dealer banner

Music Villa is a proud Gibson Acoustic 5 Star Dealer.

This rare designation has been given to less than 40 Gibson Acoustic dealers across the USA and less than 60 total dealers across the entire globe.
"Gibson Acoustic Five Star Dealers are the world's finest destination for the Gibson enthusiast or those looking to handpick a new Gibson acoustic guitar. These dealers are experts in their field, (&) have a full-selection of Gibson acoustics in the store"
As a 5 Star Dealer, Music Villa is committed to stocking the finest examples of Gibson Acoustics anywhere in the US and has a wide variety of Gibson Acoustics in stock including highly desirable historic and innovative models made only for 5 Star Dealers.
In addition, our staff has been trained and certified by Gibson as "Certified Gibson Acoustic Experts". This means, at Music Villa, you work with top professionals, that know and love Gibson Acoustics, to help you find your perfect guitar.


Why Aren't There Gibson's on our Site?

Unfortunately, due to Gibson policy, we are not permitted to list our Gibson inventory online, but with a large selection of Gibson's in stock, we are sure to have something you will love. We have a steady stock of J-45's, J-200's, Hummingbirds, AJ's, Songwriter's, and limited models.

So come in to our shop (3.3 miles from the Gibson Acoustic Factory) or give us a call regarding inventory at (855) 55-STRUM. We ship nationwide and pride ourselves on helping you find your dream guitar.


And if you get a chance, check out our collection of 100+ Gibson Acoustic reviews on our YouTube channel...

Questions regarding our Gibson inventory, pricing, or shipping, please don't hesitate to call Chad (our acoustic specialist) at (855) 55-STRUM or by email at chad@musicvilla.com.