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Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander - What Does it Do?
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews
Today we sit down with Aaron from Boss/Roland to learn about the brand new Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander! What an incredible (and very versatile) tool! Read On


A Look at the Charvel DK24 2 PT CM HSS & HSH Pro Mod Electric Guitars
CATEGORY: Product News
From the super silky caramelized neck to the Shredder's heel cut, the Charvel DK24 Pro Mods are made for guitarists who want big tone and necks that fly. Read On


For Those About to Rock! 3 Gibson Electrics You Need to Check Out
CATEGORY: Product News
With the refined line, and new excitement surrounding Gibson electrics, here are three Gibson electrics in different price points, that are ready to rock. Read On


Maple Martin Custom Shop Acoustics are In Stock!
CATEGORY: Product News
These small-bodied Maple Martins sound bigger than they look and are sure to impress even the most discerning player. Read On


Guild F-55 and F-512 Maple Arch Back Jumbos!
CATEGORY: "Geno Likes" Reviews
Today, "Geno Likes" … Guild Jumbo Maple Models! With the return of Guild brings some classic models, the F-55 Maple and the F-512 Maple, both with Guild's classic arched backs! Not only are these iconic looking models, but they pack a HUGE tone too! Read On

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