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A Look At the Fender Ultra Stratocaster
CATEGORY: Product News
The Fender American Ultra Stratocaster has modern features that increase playability and tone. Read On


Gear & Beer Show - [EP29] Fender Ultra Line and Funk #49 Riff
CATEGORY: Gear & Beer Show
Music Villa's Gear & Beer Show - Episode 29: The new Fender Ultra Line is here, and we are VERY impressed. Joe shows us Joe Walsh's famous "Funk #49" riff and the fellas cheers to a very tasty Bobcat Brown from Bridger Brewing. Read On


What is the Fender Ultra Guitar Line All About?
CATEGORY: Product News
Recently Fender introduced the all-new American Ultra series of guitars to replace the American Deluxe line, bringing to the table a more refined, forward-thinking instrument for a player that likes a more modern instrument. Read On


Gear & Beer Show - [EP28] Fender Vintera, Living Loving Maid Riff, Magnatone Panoramic
CATEGORY: Gear & Beer Show
Music Villa's Gear & Beer Show - Episode 28: Blaise and Joe sample the "Abbey Hopper" Beltian IPA from Bridger Brewing while discussing the new Fender Vintera Line. We get a couple riffs this week courtesy of the Magnatone Panoramic Stereo amp, and we get a lesson in keeping it simple! Read On


Republic Resonator Guitars at Music Villa
CATEGORY: "Geno Likes" Reviews
Today, Geno Likes… Republic Resonator Guitars! He welcomes Blaise to the studio to help display how beautiful these instruments look and sound! Read On

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