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3 Fender American Telecasters You Need To Check Out
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Fender American Telecasters with a Bit More Pizzaz

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If the Fender American Professional Telecaster is considered the "standard" by which other American made Telecasters are judged, then we have 3 Teles that you need to check out that have a bit more style, class or features than the standard American Professional. Now, don't get us wrong here, the American Professional is a solid pro level guitar that will serve you for years to come, but for some of us, we just want a little more when it comes to our Telecaster. 

Fender American Elite Telecaster


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In a past life, the "Elite" Telecaster was called "Deluxe" and both of those terms really do describe these guitars well. This model is the deluxe, upgraded version of the American Professional. Body binding, a sweet compound radius fretboard, and equipped with Fender's famous fourth generation noiseless pickups. If you love Teles but hate that 60 cycle hum, these pickups are for you!

It is also worth noting these Fender Elite Teles come in a variety of amazing colors from Sunburst to Satin Ice Blue Metallic. One thing is for sure, the American Elite Telecaster is dressed up for a night out on the town!

Fender American Elite Thinline Telecaster


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Everything you love about the American Elite Telecaster in a thinline. Locking tuners, compound radius neck, fourth generation noiseless pickups and a semi-hollow F-hole style thinline body that not only relieves some weight, but it also looks super cool. The American Elite Thinline Telecaster is for the player who wants the modern features of an Elite Tele with the classic looks of a F-hole. 

Fender American Original 60's Telecaster


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The best of 60's era Telecaster all wrapped up into a single guitar. If you are craving that vintage Tele tone, then this is the guitar for you. A take of off the Telecaster Custom launched in the 60's this Tele has a double bound body, mid-60's "C" shaped neck, two Pure Vintage '64 Telecaster pickups and period correct 3-ply pickguard. It comes in either Lake Placid Blue or 3-color Sunburst to add to the vintage mojo.


The Bottom Line

The Fender American Professional Telecaster is an amazing guitar and considered the standard by which all other Telecasters are measured. But if you want to level up your tele, then these three offerings from Fender can give you the added style, features or vintage mojo you are looking for in a Tele, 


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