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A Look at the Eastman DM1 Gypsy Jazz Acoustic Guitar
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A Gypsy Jazz Guitar that has High-End Features at a Sweet Price

(Click here to see the Eastman DM1 Gypsy Jazz Guitar on our site)

Gypsy Jazz has a special kind of sound. Just listening to the paying of famous Gypsy Jazzer Django Reinhardt, who is credited with originating the style, you can hear the distinctive mid-heavy acoustic tones that. Past the tones, Gypsy Jazz guitars tend to have a certain look associated with them.  Long bridges, small soundholes, and intriguing tailpieces not only add to the look but also promote the nasal-esque bark that a Gypsy Jazz player is looking for. 

Gypsy Jazz guitars are definitely a niche guitar since the tone is so unique. So many players looking to add a Gypsy Jazz guitar to their collection are faced with the reality that a great Gypsy Jazz guitar can be very costly. But our friends at Eastman have done Gypsy Jazz players and aspiring players a favor with the DM1. 

Eastman has a simple philosophy which is to build great guitars, many of them handmade, and sell them at reasonable prices and they have done just that with the DM1. 

"When it comes to building a guitar, there is a big difference between assembly and artistry. If history has taught us anything, it is that there is no substitute for skilled craftsmanship. At Eastman, each instrument is given the attention to detail required to ensure that it reaches its maximum potential. Features such as hand-scalloped bracing and precision tap tuning are just two examples of the way we differentiate ourselves. Considering the outward beauty of an Eastman Guitar, it’s often easy to overlook the skill and artistry applied to the inside of such a fine instrument." - Eastman.com

Beautifully Constructed & Ready For your Next Gypsy Jazz Jam


Constructed with a Sitka spruce top paired with rosewood back and sides, the DM1 sports a medium-sized body and has the exact tone that any Gypsy Jazz player will appreciate. 

The "arrow" slotted headstock has premium Gotoh tuners to make sure you are precisely in tune and the neck is topped with an Ebony fretboard. Everything about this guitar scream high-end yet the street price at the time of this article is only $999!

As with all Eastman guitars, the DM1 is meticulously built and handcrafted to ensure a great guitar our of the box and if you purchase the DM1 through Music Villa, it also goes through our multi-point inspection when it arrives at the shop as well as before we ship it out. 

The Bottom Line


The Eastman DM1 Gypsy Jazz guitar is a serious value for someone looking for a Gypsy Jazz style guitar. The high-quality construction and premium parts come together for a guitar that you will love playing for years to come. 



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