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A Look At the Martin 000-18 vs 000-15M (Spruce vs Mahogany Top)
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When choosing a 000 size guitar, we often get asked about the difference in the Martin 000-15M and the 000-18. While they technically are from different Martin series, the 000-15M being part of the 15 series and the 000-18 being part of the Standard Series, comparing these two is an obvious decision when looking for the right tone. 

Both of these guitars are 14 fret with 000 size bodies with Mahogany back and sides and while it is easy to talk about the technical aspects of these two guitars (as there are build differences being from different series), most people care more about the tone difference and make their buying decision on which one they like best. 

Tone is a personal preference, and with that in mind, neither one of these guitars has "better" tone, but they are different. This difference comes primarily from the tonewood used on the top of the guitars, Mahogany on the 000-15M and Spruce on the 000-18.

The 000-15M, with its Mahogany top, has a more mellow tone with an even balance across the strings while still having presence. 

The 000-18, on the other hand, has more projection with a more pronounced low end and louder projection. These characteristics come from the Spruce top that the 000-18 is built with. 

Whether you like the more even, mellow tone of the 000-15M or the pronounced 000-18, Music Villa has them both in stock can make sure you get the right guitar in your hand. 

See both these guitars on our website:

Martin 000-18
Martin 000-15M

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