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A Look at the Martin 0000-42 Custom Shop Acoustic guitar
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An Heirloom Martin 0000

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While just about any guitar in the Martin lineup, especially the USA made guitars, could be considered an heirloom guitar, but the Martin 0000-42 Custom shop is the epitome of an heirloom guitar. Crafted in the Martin Custom Shop, this 0000-42 is constructed with solid Sapele and has the adornments of a high end "42" level Martin. 

The Martin 0000 Body Size


In the world of Martin acoustic guitars, the "0" number indicates the size of the guitar body. This system has been used since the 1800's and was started when Martin needed to build a bigger guitar than their "1" guitar (which is small to today's standards). The first guitar to use this system was the single "0" also known as the concert model, as it was deemed large enough for a public concert. 

As artists started playing in larger halls, C.F. Martin Jr. officially added the "00" as an official model in the Martin line in 1873. There have been a few examples of "00" guitars found circa 1860's, but they became more mainstream as guitarists needed more volume. 

As the guitar needed to get louder, Martin continued to add size to acoustic guitar bodies and eventually, the "0000" was born. Interestingly, the "0000" is the same size as an "M" body size. 

Taking the Martin 0000 To the Next Level


This Martin 0000-42 Custom shop pushes the "0000" to the next level. As mentioned, this guitar was crafted with a solid Sapele top, back and sides. Sapele is often compared to Mahogany, and as a tonewood, give an even tone and this premium example of Quilted Sapele also is amazing to look at. 

Paired with the Sapele, Martin added "42" level appointments to this Custom Shop guitar. Some of these features include Snowflake neck inlays, Mother-of-Pearl body binding with matching headstock logo and a 2 piece back. 

Not only does this Martin 0000 looks great, but it also plays like butter. The neck has a Modified Low Oval with Performing Artist Taper shape, making it super comfortable to play. 

The Bottom Line


If you are in the market for a guitar that can be passed on for generations as well as be a conversation starter, this Martin 0000-42 Custom Shop is the answer. The Solid Sapele build gives this guitar an amazing tone and modern neck shape make it easy to play. While you may not be taking this one out to gigs, it is good to know if could perform if you ever did. 


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