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A Look at the Taylor MV Custom Baritone Acoustic Guitar
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Add Texture to Your Music With This Baritone Guitar

Musicians are always looking for a way to add texture and depth to their music, and the Taylor MV (Music Villa) Custom Baritone acoustic could be just what you need to add some sweet tones, without having to learn new chord shapes or even a new instrument. 

(See the Taylor MV Custom Baritone acoustic here)

When you hear this baritone, you will be an instant believer. The tone is undeniably sweet and truth be told, this guitar is a perfect second guitar in the mix or even a primary guitar for a singer-songwriter.

Taylor Baritone Acoustic GuitarTaylor Baritone Acoustic Guitar

What is a Baritone Guitar?

A baritone guitar, generally speaking, is a guitar tuned down a fourth. The beauty of this is that all of your standard chord shapes are available (although they will be a different chord when strummed than a standard tuned guitar). This baritone is tuned B-E-A-B-F#-B. To put this all in perspective, if you put a capo on the fifth fret, it would be just like playing a standard tuned guitar. 

The other difference you may notice is the scale length, which is the number of inches from the nut to the saddle. To help compensate for the thicker strings of a baritone, the scale length is increased to 27" as opposed to the traditional standard scale length used by Taylor of 25.5".

Taylor Baritone Acoustic GuitarTaylor Baritone Acoustic Guitar

High End Features You Want From a Taylor

When working with Taylor to make this Music Villa Custom Baritone, we wanted to incorporate features that would help define the tone while creating aesthetics that would make you say "wow".

To make this happen, we decided to use a gorgeous flame maple for the back and sides paired with a Spruce top. The top and sides are finished with Taylor's signature brown sugar stain, which gives a deep caramel color while allowing the "flame" of the Maple to really pop.

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The GS (Grand Symphony) body shape gives plenty of room for air to move and make this guitar project, yet is still easy to play while sitting or standing. 

The icing on the cake is this baritone acoustic is equipped with Taylor's Expression 2 pickup system. Known for accurately reproducing acoustic tone, The proprietary Expression System 2 is simple to use and is perfect for live shows or recording sessions.

The Bottom Line

For players who are looking to add more texture to their tonal palette, the Taylor MV Custom Baritone is a great choice. Not only do you get an amazing tone with high-end tonewoods, but you also get the feel of a Taylor, that is unsurpassed in the acoustic world.



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