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A Look at the Yamaha TransAcoustic Classical Nylon String Guitar
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A New Kind of Classical Guitar, The Yamaha TransAcoustic Nylon String

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A little more expression, a deeper tone, built in effect without an amp and perhaps the inspiration you need is all packed into the Yamaha TransAcoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar. 

TransAcoustic is a revolutionary system that Yamaha has developed to allow an acoustic guitar to have chorus or reverb effects without having to be plugged into an amplifier!

How Does TransAcoustic Work?

An actuator installed on the inner surface of the guitar back vibrates in response to the vibrations of the strings. The vibrations of the actuator are then conveyed to the body of the guitar and to the air in and around the guitar body, generating authentic reverb and chorus sounds from inside the body.

These effects are controlled by 3 simple knobs on the side of the guitar, with one knob controlling chorus, one reverb and the other the line out volume for those times you are plugged into an amp or P.A. system.

Not Just Acoustic Effects

While the TransAcoustic system definitely sets this guitar part, the Yamaha Transacoustic TA-CG Classical guitar is an amazing nylon string guitar in its own right. The solid Spruce top paired with an Ovangkol back and sides produce a sweet warm nylon string tone. Yamaha has been making some of the finest nylon string guitars for decades, and the TA-GC is no exception. 

The Bottom Line

Every guitar player needs a nylon string classical guitar in their collection. Whether you are looking for a gigging guitar of simply a guitar you can leave in the living room for those nightly practice sessions, the Yamaha TransAcoustic Classical is a great choice. What really makes this special is the ability to have chorus and reverb acoustically, without any amp, which is really an inspirational touch when playing at home or in a small room. 

Want a steel string? Click here to see all of our in-stock TransAcoustic guitars.


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