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Acoustic Guitar Rundown | Taylor 816ce & 616ce

If you have kept up with the Acoustic Letter, our Youtube Channel spotlighting some of the best acoustic guitars in the world (click here to check it out and subscribe), you will know that we love Taylor guitars. We are especially excited about the changes that Taylor has made to improve many of their guitars in the last few years. 

The Taylor 816ce and 616ce could be considered close brothers.

Two recent introductions to the Taylor Acoustic guitar family are the 816ce and the 616ce. Both of these guitars feature a Grand Symphony body. This body shape is slightly larger than a Grand Concert. Helping produce a rich, room-filling sound. 

In addition to sharing a Grand Symphony body, both of these models now offer a Florentine cutaway.  A Florentine cutaway offers a striking appearance, coming to a sharp point, as opposed to a Venetian cutaway that is rounded. A Florentine cutaway is more labor-intensive than other cutaways and many acoustic guitar manufacturers do not even offer the option due to the manufacturing process.  

As with all new "e" series Taylors, both the 816ce and 616ce are equipped with the legendary Taylor Expression 2 (ES2) acoustic pickup system. The ES2 accurately reproduces your guitars sound with simple controls that make it easy to get a great sound in any room. 


So What Is The Difference?

Where the 816ce and 616ce significantly differ is with the tonewoods that are used. The 816ce is built with a solid Indian Rosewood back and side with a solid Sitka Spruce top, while the 616ce offers a solid maple back and sides and a Sitka Spruce Top. 


The Indian Rosewood of the 816ce offers deeper lows and a bell-like quality on the treble side. 

"Indian rosewood’s sweeping frequency range at both ends of the tonal spectrum has made it one of the most popular and musically rich tonewoods. Its deep lows can assert a throaty growl, while bright, sparkling treble notes ring out with bell-like, high-fidelity clarity." Taylor.com

What we like about the Maple back and sides of the 618ce is the even dynamics across the bass, mids, and treble. 

"Maple has long been associated with a bright acoustic sound, but Taylor’s maple guitars are voiced to bring out greater warmth, richness and sustain. This broadens maple’s tonal range from a single-dimension sound to a more musical, more versatile voice." -Taylor.com

At the end of the day, both the Taylor 816ce and 616ce are both amazing guitars that will bring a lifetime of enjoyment. To find your dream guitar, come in or call us at (406) 587-4761.


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