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Best Starter Acoustic Guitars Under $600
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The 4 Best Starter Guitars Under $600

We sell tons of acoustic guitars at Music Villa, many of which are for first-time players, beginners, and kids & students. Though we love selling higher end, custom built dream guitars, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect guitar for your ability level... and that's why these 4 guitars are some of our most popular and best-selling instruments in the store!

In the video, we sat down with Joe as he walks us through the lineup. Starting under $200 and working his way up to the $600 range.


1. Gretsch Jim Dandy: https://www.musicvilla.com/shop-online/products/acoustic/jim-dandy-flattop-guitar

2. Yamaha FS800: https://www.musicvilla.com/shop-online/products/acoustic/fs800

3. Taylor A12: https://www.musicvilla.com/shop-online/products/acoustic/academy-12-2017

4. Martin 00LX1AE: https://www.musicvilla.com/shop-online/products/acoustic/00lx1ae-2017

We stand by these guitars. Any guitar on this list would be a great guitar for any student or beginning player, or even an adult looking for a cheaper, yet dependable acoustic guitar.

Questions about any of these guitars? Give us a call at (406) 587-4761. We'd love to get you setup in your ideal guitar!


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