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Best Starter/Kids Guitars (JR1, JR2, APXT2) from Yamaha!
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The 3 Best Kids Guitars!

We recommend LOTS of starter, junior, and kids guitars to our students. Many guitars in this category can be very cheap, hard to play, and often times hard to keep in tune. For that reason, we picked 3 of our favorite guitars in this category... all of which we'd recommend to any player! They're all quality built, durable, affordable, and stay in tune!!

In the video, we sat down with Joe as he walks us through some of Music Villa's favorite & best-selling starter/kids guitars. Here's the list...


1. Yamaha JR1: https://www.musicvilla.com/shop-online/products/acoustic/jr1

2. Yamaha JR2: https://www.musicvilla.com/shop-online/products/acoustic/jr2

3. Yamaha APXT2: https://www.musicvilla.com/shop-online/products/acoustic/apxt2

We stand by these guitars. Any guitar on this list would be a great guitar for any student or beginning player, or even an adult looking for a cheaper, yet dependable acoustic guitar.

Questions about any of these guitars? Give us a call at (406) 587-4761. We'd love to get you setup in your ideal guitar!


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