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Blues Junior vs Vox AC10 - Tiny Tube Amp Comparison!
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews

Today, the fellas compare 2 tiny tube amps... the Fender Blues Junior IV versus the Vox AC10. Similar price point, similar specs, but which one sounds better??

Also, let us know what mic and mic placement you prefer. Leave us a comment and BE NICE! We'd like to do more of these in the future, and we want you to have the best viewer experience possible... that's why Blaise takes off his shirt in the end, haha!

Fender Blues Junior IV:

One of the most-beloved small combo amps in the world, the Blues Junior IV adds modified preamp circuitry, smoother-sounding spring reverb and improved aesthetics that any player is sure to appreciate. A 15-watt favorite in any setting, this amp is ideal for guitarists who need to hit the stage or studio at a moment's notice with warm tone and versatile features.


Vox AC10:

The AC10 was one of the first amplifiers to bear the VOX name and has long been adored for his ability to achieve rich, articulate tube tone at very manageable volumes. For this reason, the AC10 has become a highly coveted piece of VOX history since it's discontinuation in 1965. Now, nearly 50 years later, VOX is proud to introduce the AC10C1, a modern take on this classic design. More portable than the AC15 and more powerful than the AC4, the AC10C1 features the classic Top Boost tone circuit that provides an array of classic and modern tones. Now equipped with reverb and a master volume, the AC10C1 is the perfect companion for the home, studio or stage.

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