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Guild Jumbo Junior Acoustic Travel Guitar Review
CATEGORY: Product News

A Junior Guild Acoustic fit for Travel or your Living Room

The recent surge of "jr" or mini guitars has given players a significant number of guitars to choose from when looking for a great small guitar for travel or just to have around the living room. The offering from Taylor and Martin are the common go-to's but a recent contender that just came into the shop has caught our eye, the Guild Jumbo Junior acoustic

This guitar is exactly what the name implies, a Jumbo shaped guitar or shrunk down. This means that it is easy to take with you whether you are traveling far from home, or going camping, this guitar does not take up much space. 

The Guild Jumbo Junior is built with a solid Spruce top, and arched Maple back, and Maple sides. The arched back helps to create a deeper, more rich tone in a smaller bodied guitar, which this guitar has. 

A smaller guitar can often lack bass response. The combination of solid Spruce and the arched back means the Guild Jumbo Junior still has some bass to give and is very clear in the mid and treble range. 

Guild Jumbo Junior Acoustic GuitarGuild Jumbo Junior Acoustic Guitar

Also ready for the Stage and Studio!

The Guild Jumbo Junior is also equipped with a Fishman AP1 Sonicore pickup and pre-amp with tone and volume controls inside of the soundhole. This means this guitar is ready to be plugged in and rock! Don't think you can play a small guitar on stage? Have you seen Ed Sheeran? Then you know that a small guitar on stage not only looks cool but can be a great way to comfortably play all night long. 

It is also worth mentioning that this guitar also comes with a Deluxe Gig Bag! This is a ton of guitar for the $450 price tag (at the time of this article)

Guild Jumbo Junior Acoustic GuitarGuild Jumbo Junior Acoustic

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that this is an awesome guitar for travel, kicking around the house or even the stage. With the built-in Fishman pickup and pre-amp along with the deluxe gig bag, the Guild Jumbo Junior is a great value.  

It is only recently that we have  Guild guitar in the shop. With every guitar that comes in, we are continually impressed with the craftsmanship, playability and the tone! If you have not had a chance to check out some of our other reviews go check out some of our other YouTube videos demoing these great guitars:

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