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The Music Villa PRS Wood Library Custom 22

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The Music Villa PRS Wood Library Custom 22


Music Villa has worked with PRS Guitars to create extraordinary instruments from wood supplies housed in the PRS Wood Library. While the timber stored in the Wood Library is not unique -- it's the same grade that you can find in other quality PRS guitars -- it is available for dealers to customize a line for their own custom guitar. Music Villa participates in the program and we are able to hand-select wood options to create incredible guitars for our valued customers.


From PRS:

"The Wood Library program is in a way similar to our Private Stock program in that it is an elaborate menu-based program for the PRS Core line of guitars designed to give our dealers the opportunity to build special runs for their store and customer base... What is unique, however, are the combinations of wood dealers can place together when ordering a run of wood library instruments."


Details of the Music Villa PRS Wood Library Custom 22 Semi Hollow:


The Wood Library Custom 22 Semi Hollow, made exclusively for Music Villa, includes a swamp ash back and sides, a beautiful artist grade one-piece maple top (which are becoming very difficult to source), artist grade flame maple neck, 58/15 LT neck & bridge pickups, Phase III tuners, Gen III trem, 5-way Blade Switch. Each and every string is balanced, providing a totally even output from one to another.

Overall Sound:


The LT pickups provide a lustrous humbucking sound filled with character and spank that give a bigger and rounder sound. Coupled with the swamp ash body and maple neck, the Wood Library Custom 22 gives a bright tone, making it one of the most versatile guitars on the market.

These guitars are notable for the bridge pickup -- there's a beautiful clarity and sparkle at the top end, which never gets harsh. There's a big, round warmth to the sound that you would expect from this type of neck pickup. With the lower notes -- even into the upper strings -- you'll never get a boomy or out of control sound. There's a lot of clarity in the low notes and even in thick chords.


PRS Wood Library Guitar      PRS Wood Library Guitar

A Versatile Sounding PRS


The Wood Library Custom 22  ensures a balance -- you'll never hear any notes jumping out at you. The low end is without boom and the top end won't get muddy across all the pickups.The single neck coil positions provide a variety of cool sounds, but there is some more thickness and fullness to the sound if you're looking for a more spanky R&B style. There's still a humbucker style and character to the Wood Library Custom 22, but the hollow spank you're looking to achieve is thanks to the single coil positions. The fourth position will give you the best traditional style sound, you can even pick down close to the bridge to get a lot of growl out of the guitar.

We are proud to be a PRS Wood Library dealer, and with the limited availability, these are sure to go fast. Make sure to check out our PRS Selection by clicking here, or give us a call.



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