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Picking Hand Technique ( In 6 Easy Steps)
CATEGORY: Online Guitar Lessons

Picking Hand Technique ( In 6 Easy Steps) In this session of “Guitar with Gurzi,” Mike shows us 6 easy steps to better your picking hand technique...
  • 0:40 – Holding the Pick
  • 4:29 – Pick Depth
  • 5:28 – Anchoring vs Floating
  • 7:26 – Rest Stroke and Free Stroke
  • 10:23 – Alternate Picking
  • 11:45 – Chord Picking

Mike came to us wanting to do some sort of featured guitar lick of the week. He has some great chops, and wanted to share some of his styles, techniques, and guitar knowledge with you... for FREE! In this playlist (25+ videos), you'll learn the basics of picking, chord phrasing, chord progressions, scale structures, and more!!

Mike is an active freelance guitarist from Southern California, but now makes his home in Bozeman, MT. He has been playing guitar for some 40 years. His styles range from flatpicking fiddle tunes, traditional bluegrass, jazz, gypsy jazz and swing.

Learn more about Mike by visiting his website, www.mikegurzi.com



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