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Pinky and the Floyd Presents 2 Nights of "The Wall"
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Pinky and the Floyd is pleased to present their 7th Annual Spring Theater Production; Pink Floyd's The Wall, 2 NIGHTS at The Emerson Theater, April 28 & 29. Both nights will feature The Wall performed in its entirety followed by a different bonus set of Pink Floyd favorites each night. This performance features live visual mixing & stage production, stunning sound and lights, and special guest musicians including Dave Walker as "Pink."

  • $30 single night (general admission)
  • $50 both nights (general admission)
  • $75 VIP (premium reserved center seating, 2 free drinks, signed concert poster, Pinky sticker, and VIP lanyard)
  • Get tickets at Cactus Records, 29 W. Main. (406) 587-0245, or online: https://cactusrecords.net/events/pinky-floyd-presents-wall-2-nights/
  • seating is limited, advance purchase is highly recommended.
  • Bar opens 6:30pm (Emerson Ballroom, provided by Sidecar Bar Service) 
  • Doors 7:00pm, Showtime 8:00pm 
  • ALL AGES - Parental Advisory warning: this show contains adult subject matter and explicit lyrics.


Pink Floyd's The Wall ('79) is widely regarded as one of, if not the most famous Rock-n-Roll concept albums. Conceived during the In the Flesh tour in '77, released first as a studio album in '79, and subsequently as the live-action/animated musical drama film in '82, (and much later as a live album in 2000) The Wall is epic in scope and content, pairing a masterful piece of composition with an amalgamated story based on the real-life trials of former and current lead singers Syd Barrett and Roger Waters. The symbolism in both imagery and sound are represented in a stunning display of animation famous for its surrealism, and helping to elevate The Wall to its current cult status as arguably Pink Floyd's most well-loved album, and certainly as one of the most seminal and pioneering albums in the Rock-n-Roll catalog.

The Wall chronicles the life of Pink, a fatherless son born in post WWII England, to an over-protective mother, enduring a series of cruel life experiences (an abusive teacher, a suffocating mother, a failed marriage, the emptiness of fame, substance abuse), and the ensuing measures he takes to protect himself from further emotional danger. As relevant as these lyrics may be to the individual, they dovetail seamlessly with the broader social and universal themes of war, nationalism and humanity. 

Dave Walker rejoins PINKY and the FLOYD as one of the special guest musicians, playing the role of "Pink." Dave (of Savoy Brown, Black Sabbath and Fleetwood Mac reknown) relocated to Montana in 1998. Living in Virginia City he relishes his quiet life, touring some with The Dave Walker Band. About The Wall Dave says "I've had a kinship with Pink for 38 years, as both of our father's died in WWII, we both grew up in England, we both experienced some fame, had failed marriages and issues with substance abuse.... I feel as though I'm singing about my own life, because I am! I mean, let's be honest, Roger [Waters] wrote this album about me!"

As is the case with much of Pink Floyd's work, The Wall displays levels of cyclical material (a Waters musical signature) starting with the hopeful, opening recording of WWII darling and singer Vera Lynn illustrating the struggle of the Western world to come to terms with a reality far removed from its political, religious and social ideals. That idea (and song) gets re-examined throughout the album, through older, more experienced eyes, particularly with "When the Tigers Broke Free" and "Vera." Quoting lyrics from a past album ("Money" from Darkside) Waters highlights another important cycle where the listener is let in on the hidden back-stories that explain how our "walls" come to be built. 

It is as much a coming-of-age story as a modern-day commentary, also suggesting that within the revolt against conformity there will always be the presence of conformists ("...we don't need no education..."). Both the individual and the society are caught in a power struggle. It's easy to see the darkness in others and equally easy to overlook the shadows within ourselves, but it may be that what humanity craves most is a reconnection with the world outside our minds. 

Suffice it to say that the themes within The Wall are elemental, powerful, timeless, and this music proves as relevant today as it ever was. If you haven't seen PINKY and the FLOYD, this is your chance. This is an album and an opportunity you won't want to miss!


"Truly an amazing experience!! This was an incredible show. I cried on a few songs, not gonna lie! So powerful!! Thank you so much!! The Great Gig in the Sky blew my mind!! I can't wait for your next show!!" - Anita via Facebook

"I've been a Floyd fan since birth and their music is incredibly special to me. Hearing you guys play their songs so beautifully, so MASTERFULLY truly touched my heart and fills my soul with an indescribable joy. -Angela via Facebook


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