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Review of the Taylor 812ce 12 Fret Deluxe Acoustic Guitar with V-Class Bracing
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A Look at the Taylor 812ce 12-Fret Deluxe Now With V-Class Bracing

(See the Taylor 812ce 12-Fret on our website)

Taylor calls the 800 series of guitars their Flagship. A combination of tonewoods and craftsmanship that showcases some of the best Taylor has to offer. While the 814ce (grand auditorium) generally is the most popular, the 812ce is a smaller bodied (Grand Concert) version that boasts the same features in a comfortable body size and the guitar we are looking at today even has a short scale 12-fret neck!

But that's not all! Since early last year, Taylor has been working on transitioning all of their Grand Auditorium (x14 guitars) the new V-Class bracing. Now the Grand Concert is starting to get the V-class treatment, and the 812 is one of the first to feature this revolutionary bracing. 

What is Taylor's V-Class Bracing?

Bracing is the internal "bones" of an acoustic guitar and dictates how the guitar vibrates, ultimately impacting the tone of an acoustic guitar. Taylor's V-class system was developed by master builder Andy Powers, and while it is a bold departure from the more traditional X-brace system, Andy and the Team at Taylor Guitars believe V-class is the future for a more resonant and "in-tune" sounding guitar. 

(Click here if you want to learn more about v-class bracing)


800 Series Quality in a Smaller Bodied 12-fret Guitar

The 812ce guitar is built with only the finest materials from Taylor which includes:

Sitka Spruce Top

The soundboard choice for most guitars, Sitka spruce produces a broad dynamic range and accommodates a versatile range of playing styles.

Indian Rosewood Back and Sides

The tonewood superstar. Popular, traditional, and versatile, Bob Taylor puts Indian rosewood among the greatest tonewoods ever.

Grand Concert Body Shape

A smaller body that is perfect for fingerstyle playing


With the neck touching the body at the 12th fret as opposed the 14th, the bridge ends up closer to the center of the lower bout, producing a bolder attack. In addition, the short scale makes the strings easier to fret. 

Taylor's Famous Expression 2 Pickup System

Low profile yet super effective. The Expression 2 accurately reproduces your guitars tone and dynamic properties with easy access controls.  

The Bottom Line of the Taylor 812ce 12 Fret

While many people like the 814 (Grand Auditorium) style of guitar, you need to do yourself a favor and at least try the 812 (Grand Concert) size of guitar when shopping for an acoustic. The Grand Concert body size is a bit smaller so can be more comfortable for long playing sessions. The 12-fret neck is awesome for fingerstyle or for those who may struggle with a full-scale neck (if you are experiencing arthritic symptoms for example). In addition, the 812ce just looks awesome all topped off with a slotted headstock. 


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