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Taylor 114 vs 110 | Dreadnought vs Grand Auditorium
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Built with Walnut back and sides, spruce tops and features the slim-profile patented Taylor neck which has a slightly narrower 1-11/16-inch nut width for extra playing comfort, the Taylor "100" series guitars are an awesome series of guitars that offer a huge amount of value.

Both of these guitars play like a dream, ship with Taylor gig bags, have optional built-in electronics and are only differentiated by their body size. 

Taylor 100 Acoustic Guitar

The 100 is a dreadnought shaped guitar, which is the bigger of the two bodies and has an even tone with a more defined low end. The dreadnought has been the most popular sized acoustic for years and appeals to the traditional acoustic player as well as someone seeking the most projection from an acoustic guitar. 

Taylor 114 Acoustic Guitar

The 114 is a Grand Auditorium shaped body, which is slightly smaller than the dreadnought. Due to the shape does sit a little lower in your lap while sitting and playing, and can be more comfortable for some to play. The smaller size offers a smooth tone across the register and has a bit more reserved projection as compared to a dreadnought.

Both of these guitars feel, play and sound like a Taylor should, and would make a great option. Truly, neither is "better" but instead, they offer differences that can appeal to your personal preference. 

Click below to learn more about either of these guitars:

Taylor 100 Acoustic Guitar
Taylor 114 Acoustic Guitar

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