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The Taylor 800 Series Acoustic Guitars | A Stunning Flagship
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The 800 series is everything a flagship acoustic guitar should be, incredible tone, easy to play and strikingly beautiful. Recently reintroduced, the 800 Series guitar lineup from Taylor is nothing less than spectacular. 

Taylor 814ce

The current 800 series design was overseen by master luthier Andy Powers, incorporating a series of tone-enhancing changes and optimizing every element, including the glue used to assemble the guitar. 

These changes have created a unique line of guitars that Bob Taylor hopes can be appreciated in each body shape offered in the line.

“I wanted to consider the 812ce, for example, not as it relates to the 810ce, but as it relates to itself.” -Bob Taylor

Some of the features in the 800 series of acoustic guitars include:

Advanced Performance Bracing

This new bracing brings out greater warmth, midrange, sustain and balance.

Optimized Wood Thickness

Each body shape has an optimized wood thickness for the best tone possible. 

Protein Glue 

Special protein glue was used between all parts that transfer sound. While synthetic glues can impede tone, protein glues transfer it more effectively. 

Taylor 800 Inlays       Taylor 800 Acoustic Guitar Pickgaurd

In addition to tonal enhancements, the 800 series from Taylor Guitars has a stunning aesthetic design. From the binding and purfling to the green abalone inlays and Indian Rosewood pickguard, the 800 series will turn heads. 

“Our intent with the redesign of the 800 Series is to bring the highest quality sound to the forefront and make everything in the guitar’s design work to serve that goal” -Bob Taylor

Taylor 800 Series Body Shapes

The 800 series acoustic guitars come in 5 different shapes, each with their own flavor. Below is a list of the shapes as well as some of Andy Power’s notes on each.

Grand Concert:

“I like the intimacy of the Grand Concert. It’s the perfect lap guitar. It’s really comfortable to hold, and with the short scale, it has a soft, gentle feel on your hand, plus a really articulate character because of the smaller body cavity.

Grand Auditorium

“It’s about the same width as the Dreadnought, but it has a much curvier shape, so its response is completely different. It’s the ultimate general-purpose guitar — you can play fingerstyle, jazz, strum it in front of a band, support a singer, write songs on it, basically use it anywhere you use an acoustic guitar.”

Grand Symphony

“It’s a big-body guitar, and I want a really rich sound out of it without sacrificing a bell-like articulation. As a player, that is what I’m looking for from a larger body guitar: a big, rich response.”


“The Dreadnought is the quintessential bluegrass guitar, and I wanted to bring a big, robust top-end response out of our 810.”

Grand Orchestra

“After a year out in the world, the Grand Orchestra has been embraced by far more players than I had anticipated. It’s a really versatile guitar.”

Regardless of which guitar you choose, an 800 series acoustic guitar is sure to be the jewel of your collection and provide you with years of guitar playing bliss. 

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