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The Gibson Flying V and Explorer are Ready to Rock at Music Villa!
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The Gibson Flying V and Explorer are Rock 'n' Roll ready!

When you think of a Gibson guitar, most people think of a Les Paul. While the Les Paul is the most iconic guitar in the lineup, we would be amiss if we ignored two other historic guitars in the Gibson lineup, the Flying V and Explorer. 

These two models fall under the "designer" series of Gibsons' lineup and since their inception has always brought a little edge and style to the Gibson lineup. 

Both the Explorer and the Flying V where first designed and prototyped in the late '50s under then Gibson president Ted McCarty. They were made as a nod to futuristic Gibson design. Also worth noting the Moderne guitar was also developed around the same time, although never got much traction. Although the V and Explorer did not sell well to start, and even got discontinued, over the year many players grew to love the V and Explorer and their popularity persuaded Gibson to put them back into production. 

We are excited to have both the V and Explorer in stock at Music Villa, and here are a few ready for you to rock.

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(Click here to see more pictures and details of the Flying V on our site)

The 2019 Gibson Flying V carries heritage to a new generation. Antique Natural finish, mahogany set neck and rosewood fingerboard provide the classic looks and playability is assured through a slim taper neck profile. Burstbucker pickups bring the noise and provide that perfect mix of tone, volume, and power.


(Click here to see more pictures and details of the Explorer on our site)

Introduced along-side the Gibson Flying V in 1958, the Gibson Explorer went against every guitar design that came before it. Over 60 years later the Gibson Explorer is utilized by global artists of all genres making it a true classic of the guitar world. The Antique Natural finish with BurstBucker pickups provides classic 50's era Explorer aesthetics with a powerful take on a vintage voice. All mahogany set-neck construction, rosewood fingerboard, and slim taper neck provide incredible tone and playability.

The Bottom Line

Born the V and Explorer are truly legendary guitars. If you are looking to add a guitar to your collection that will turn heads, help you stand out from the crowd, but still have that Gibson growl and feel, then either of these guitars will fit the bill. In addition, both of these models have a more friendly price tag than many other Gibson models, perfect for gigging musicians. 



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