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The Taylor Acoustic Guitar Series Lineup
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An Overview of the Taylor Acoustic Guitar Lines


From novice to expert, the Taylor Guitars acoustic line has something for everyone. The line features 12 series, plus a couple of other special series geared toward specific players. With a variety of tonewoods and aesthetic details to choose from, everyone can find something to love about the Taylor Guitars acoustic series. Here's an overview of each series; find one that fits your style and get ready to make some beautiful music.




Perfect for the musician on a budget or a beginner, the Academy Series offers accessibility to the craft with expertly crafted guitars starting at just $649. Taylor Guitars is dedicated to creating a line that welcomes everyone to the world of music with its simple, yet fully engineered, design. With a sleek neck, light-gauge strings, and an ergonomic body, it's easy on the hands and comfortable to play. The tone is clear and the guitars are easily maintained and durable, which is essential when taking it on the road or when learning to play.

Three models are included in the Academy Series: Academy 10e, Academy 12e, and Academy 12e-N.





Starting at $699, the 100 Series are made with solid Sitka spruce tops and layered walnut on the back and sides, giving these guitars a beautiful look, quality and value. With a slim profile and a narrower neck (1-11/16" nut width), the 100 Series guitars are comfortable to play. The guitars resonate freely due to a thin matte finish, while the onboard ES2 pickup provides an amplified tone that sounds natural. Guitars come standard with black binding, black pickguard, and Italian acrylic dot fretboard inlays.

Models included in the 100 Series are: 110e, 110ce, 114ce, 114e, 114ce-N, and 150e (12-string).





The 200 Series is made up of classic-sounding guitars in standard and deluxe models. Starting at $899, each guitar in the 200 Series falls into one of two categories: steel-string or nylon-string. Gloss-finished Sitka spruce on the top and satin-finished koa on the back and sides are available in the standard guitars, and deluxe model options include layered rosewood, koa and sapele paired with either a solid Sitka spruce top or koa. Color options are available with musicians choosing between a sunburst spruce top or all-black. Taylor Guitars' only Grand Auditorium 12-string is in the 200 series, the stunning 254cd-DLX.

Popular 200 Series models include: 210e-DLX, 214ce, 214ce-SB DLX, 214ce-K DLX.




At this level, Taylor Guitars offers the entry to a complete solid-wood model. Customers can choose between a sapele with spruce or blackwood with mahogany. Models start at $1,499 and musicians can experience a clear sound from the solid-wood construction. The sapele and spruce model offers a clear and balanced voice, while the blackwood and mahogany provides midrange power and warmth. All 300 Series guitars feature a satin-finish back and sides. Spruce tops have a gloss finish and mahogany has a satin finish with a shaded edgeburst.

Popular 300 Series models include: 314ce, 324ce, 322ce 12-Fret.




For a full-range acoustic experience, Taylor Guitar's 400 Series is one of its most popular. Models start at $2,099 and players can choose between spruce on the top and rosewood or ovangkol on the back and sides. When making the choice between ovangkol and rosewood, consider this: Rosewood will produce an extra top-end overtone, while ovangkol will provide a richer midrange. Regarding the look of the guitars, the 400 Series boasts a modern look with white binding, Italian acrylic dot fretboard inlays, and a full-gloss body. An ES2 pickup gives players a professional grade instrument.

Popular models include: 414ce, 414ce-R and 410e-R.





Acoustic guitars in the 500 Series offer mahogany back and sides with the player's choice of Lutz spruce, mahogany or cedar on the top; all models are gloss finished. These models start at $2,499 and provide a rich midrange sound with articulate tones.

Popular models include: 514ce, 524ce, and 522e 12-Fret.


600 Series


Taylor Guitar's 600 Series underwent a refinement process to enhance a rich, warm sound with the addition of specially seasoned spruce to the maple. Beginning at $3,099, the 600 Series is both audibly and visually compelling. Any musician of any playing style will find something to love about the 600 Series. Paired with Taylor Guitar's "Brown Sugar" stain, the maple takes on a deep, luxurious color.

Popular models include: 614ce, 616ce, and 618e. Find out more at https://www.taylorguitars.com/guitars/acoustic/features/series/600





Totally revoiced, Taylor Guitar's 700 Series received a complete tonal and visual makeover. Starting at $2,899, the 700 Series is crafted with rosewood and Lutz spruce. The Taylor Guitar team enabled the guitar to give a strong voice with elegant wood details. Coupled with performance bracing and protein glue, the 700 Series gives players a dynamic playing experience.

Popular models include: 714ce, 712e 12-Fret (WSB), 712ce.





The models in the 800 Series are created from rosewood and spruce by Andy Powers and Bob Taylor and are completely reconceived to refine the tonal elements of the guitars. The 800 Series has been completely remastered, from the bracing to wood thickness to glue, finish, strings and overall visual look. Starting at $3,399, the 800 Series aimed to optimize the guitar shapes to create a variety of sounds.

Popular 800 Series models include: 812ce 12-Fret DLX, 814ce, and 816ce.





The most dramatic and elegant of the Taylor Guitar acoustic line is found in the 900 Series. Starting at $4,899, these guitars are created from rosewood/spruce and accented with abalone shell inlays. The 900 Series is the ultimate in craftsmanship, enhancing the visual and tone in a sophisticated display.

Popular models include: 914ce, 916ce, 912ce 12-Fret.





The guitars in the Koa Series are created around the unique tones found in koa. Each body shape in the Koa Series is specifically designed to project a rich sound.

Popular models include: K24ce, K26ce, and K66ce.




The absolute best of the Taylor Guitars acoustic line, the Presentation Series is crafted from Macassar ebony and Sitka spruce and features elegant lines and appointments. Starting at $7,899, the Presentation Series includes paua purfling boards and Macassar ebony backstrap. The Nouveau vine fretboard inlay is incredibly detailed, especially when paired with the headstock torch and bridge inlays. Musicians can choose from any body shape and decide upon either a Venetian or Florentine cutaway.

Popular models include: PS14ce, PS16ce, and PS12ce.





GS Mini Series: Compact versions of their regular-sized counterparts, they still pronounce a full voice. Starting at $499.

GS Mini Bass Guitar: Small-scale bass that is comfortable and compact. Starting at $699.

Baby Series: Ideal for children or traveling musicians. Starting at $329.


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