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The Music Store: Slomo Joe Show
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Episode 33: "Joe has gigs, Joe always has gigs." In this episode, Joe (our electric manager) gets the spotlight for his gig-talkin' ways. Miss his show last weekend?? Catch him tonight, or tomorrow, or Friday, or at your friend's wedding on Sunday! Read On


The Music Store: Captain Cardboard
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Episode 32: Ron can get funny about his boxes, but without him the whole building would crumble. Think he can handle another 40 boxes tomorrow? Read On


The Music Store: Kasey the Kid
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Episode 31: Kasey is young, we get it... but he's also our newest electric guitar tech, and he seems to be making the rest of the staff a little jealous of his guitar skills! He's that good!? Read On


The Music Store: Luke Guitarwalker
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Episode 30: A conversation about Star Wars gets out of hand when Luke decides to prove his undying love of the saga. But does this stunt make him a bigger fan than Blue? And will any actual work get done in the process? Read On


The Music Store: Nate the Great
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Episode 29: Music Villa's new acoustic repairman is a "great" guy with a huge appetite for NCAA basketball... but how will this Arizona boy fit in with the Montana natives?? Read On

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