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Fender ToneMaster VS Standard Deluxe Reverb Amp Battle
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews
We’ve been incredibly impressed with Fender’s new Tone Master Amps. Today we offer a battle between the Standard Deluxe Reverb (tubes) and the Tone Master (digital) version… which sounds best to your ears? Read On


Fender Tone Master Twin & Deluxe Reverb Rundown
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews
Fender's new Tone Master amps use massive digital processing power to achieve a remarkable sonic feat: faithfully modeling the circuitry and output power of our iconic tube amps. Read On


Paul Gilbert's Pedal Board - Interview & Tone Talk
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews, Interviews
Paul Gilbert joins us in the studio to talk slide guitar, simplifying scales, how to play guitar like a singer, AND as a bonus he shows us his current touring pedal board. Read On


Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander - What Does it Do?
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews
Today we sit down with Aaron from Boss/Roland to learn about the brand new Boss WAZA Tube Amp Expander! What an incredible (and very versatile) tool! Read On


Eastman Electrics at Music Villa - Best Guitars for the Price?
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews, Product News
Today we sit down with Eastman product specialist, Steve Bernstein to check out some stunning Eastman Electric Guitars including some solid, semi-hollow, and hollow-body electrics. Read On

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