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Review of the Taylor 214ce Koa Acoustic Electric Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
The Taylor 214ce Koa is the perfect mix of price, performance, and tone. This model is one of Taylor's most popular models, and we can say it is one of the most popular models we sell at Music Villa. Read On


A Look at the Gibson J-200 Studio Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
So you love the tone and vibe of the J-200 but are willing to save a few bucks and sacrifice some of the aesthetic flairs of the standard J-200? Then the J-200 Studio is the guitar for you! Read On


Blackstar Unity Bass Amps - Now in Stock! [video]
CATEGORY: Product News
Geno walks us through the new Blackstar Unity Series Bass amps with a U30 and a U60. These are very versatile amps at a great price point. Read On


2019 Gibson Studio Series Acoustic Guitars
CATEGORY: Product News
Today we feature Gibson's newest Series, "the Studio Series" which offers affordability & stage-readiness to 4 of Gibson's most popular models... the J-45, Hummingbird, L-00, and J-200. Read On


PRS S2 Studio Models - New for 2018 [video]
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews, Product News
Today we give Blaise the day off as Joe welcomes a very special guest, Adam Armijo to the Electric Land studio as we test out the new S2 Studio models from PRS. These guitars are COOL, right!? Read On

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