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Eastman SB56 & SB57 - The Best Les Paul Alternative!?
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews, Product News
It's hard to match the iconic Gibson Les Paul... but there's a few companies that are doing an exceptional job of offering a high-quality alternative. Read On


The 5 Guitar Blindfold Challenge | Which Acoustic Guitar Sounds Better?
CATEGORY: Product News
Welcome to another blindfold challenge! This time we took 5 popular guitars from 5 popular acoustic manufacturers, and are giving you the opportunity to hear them and see which one you like the best, without the pre-conceived ideas of tone that you may have from seeing the brand name. Read On


The Martin D-28 Bigsby - A Martin Guitar with History Built-In
CATEGORY: Product News
The Martin D-28 Bigsby is a Custom Signature Edition that pay homage to the legend, Merle Travis. Even if you don't know who Merle is, you know have probably heard of the playing style he made famous (and was named after him), "Travis Picking." Read On


8 Taylor Acoustic Guitars For Any Budget
CATEGORY: Product News
One thing is for sure, Taylor has a special feel and tone that defines their instruments, and whether you are searching for your first guitar, a serious working guitar, a backup guitar, or an heirloom instrument that you will pass on to generations, Taylor has a guitar that will meet your budget. So without further delay, here are 8 Taylor Guitars you need to check out. Read On


A Look at the Taylor "Music Villa" Custom T5z Koa Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
With our close relationship with Taylor Guitars, we like to take the T5 to the next level and create custom instruments that not only sound and feel amazing but are stunning to look at. Read On

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