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Quinton's Quick Lick (#11) - Cheater Pentatonic Riff
CATEGORY: Online Guitar Lessons
Play SUPER fast (or at least give the impression) with this "cheater" riff using the pentatonic blues scale. It uses a couple pull-offs and a couple hammer-ons mixed with open and fretted notes! Read On


Quinton's Quick Lick (#10) - Slide Lick Variations
CATEGORY: Online Guitar Lessons
Like Lesson #8?? The "slide up, slide down" lick was very popular, so Quinton decided to add a couple variations to the lick. Easy enough, right?? Read On


Quinton's Quick Lick (#9) - SRV-Style Blues Lick
CATEGORY: Online Guitar Lessons
Inspired by a conversation about Martin Clinician, Corey Congilio, today's lick is based off the minor pentatonic blues scale and involves some double (or triple) stops and hammer-ons. This one is TASTY! Good luck and enjoy! Read On


Quinton's Quick Lick (#8) - Slide up, Slide Down Lick
CATEGORY: Online Guitar Lessons
Slip-slide around the fretboard with Quinton's 8th Free Lesson. It's quick, simple, and will add flavor to an otherwise standard strumming pattern. Good Luck!! Read On


Quinton's Quick Lick (#7) - Backward Droning Hammer-On
CATEGORY: Online Guitar Lessons
Today it's a cross-picking triplet pattern inspired by a backwards banjo roll. Add the hammer-on and you have a nice (droning) rhythmic lick that can add flavor to an otherwise basic strum. Enjoy! Read On

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