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A Comparison of the Taylor 314ce vs 414ce Acoustic Guitars
CATEGORY: Product News
So you have a little change in your pocket and you are looking for a great value in an American made solid wood acoustic guitar. You need it to have a few features, including great electronics for your live shows and a cutaway. Let me introduce you to the Taylor 314ce and 414ce, two of the most popular guitars Taylor makes and both represent outstanding value in a USA crafted acoustic guitar. Read On


A Look at the New for 2018 Martin D-41 Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
If you have been looking for a guitar that can only be described as “WOW” then we have what you have been looking for. The new for 2018 Martin D-41 acoustic guitar is a canon of a guitar that not only sounds amazing but looks fantastic. Read On


A Tale of Two Dreadnoughts | The Gibson Hummingbird and Dove Acoustic Guitars
CATEGORY: Product News
The new 2018 Hummingbird and Dove guitars have many of the same features that their vintage ancestors adorned, which means these guitars look and sound fantastic as well as maintain a rich history of Gibson Acoustics. Read On


A Look at the Martin OM-21 Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
An often overlooked model, the Martin OM-21 is a great smaller-bodied acoustic guitar that is perfect for a singer-songwriter or the at home rock star. Read On


A Look at the 2018 Martin 00-28 Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
With new revisions for 2018, the Martin 00-28 is a small bodied, Grand Concert sized guitar that is now taking art and perfecting it with the science of guitar making. For 2018 Martin decided to reimagine the Standard series. Read On

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