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A Review of the Eastman ES10SS-V All Mahogany Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
The Eastman ES10SS-V is not only a serious looker, but it is also a serious player. You are almost guaranteed to turn heads at your next gig. Read On


Mahogany Acoustic Guitar Comparison
CATEGORY: Product News
From Bob Dylan and John Lennon to David Gilmour and Billie Joe Armstrong, mahogany acoustic guitars have been a cornerstone of tone. Check out 4 great models that we love! Read On


Lila SC-1 Condenser Microphone - Best Condenser Under $100!
CATEGORY: "Geno Likes" Reviews
Today, Geno Likes… the Lila SC-1 Condenser Microphone from Divine Audio. It's maybe the best sounding condenser mic under $100!!! Everyone needs one of these best-selling microphones from Music Villa!!! Read On


Gear & Beer Show - [EP8] Joel Martin
CATEGORY: Gear & Beer Show
The Gear & Beer Show - Episode 8: Special Guest Joel Martin brings some White Claw Spritzers to compliment his Line 6 Helix digital pedal processor and amp modeler! How do you think Joe & Blaise will react to this new-fangled technology?? Read On


A Look at Taylor's Grand Pacific Series Guitars
CATEGORY: Product News
The Taylor Pacific series is providing a beautiful and functional alternative to the traditional dreadnought. Read On

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