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Quinton's Quick Lick (#9) - SRV-Style Blues Lick
CATEGORY: Online Guitar Lessons
Inspired by a conversation about Martin Clinician, Corey Congilio, today's lick is based off the minor pentatonic blues scale and involves some double (or triple) stops and hammer-ons. This one is TASTY! Good luck and enjoy! Read On


Quinton's Quick Lick (#8) - Slide up, Slide Down Lick
CATEGORY: Online Guitar Lessons
Slip-slide around the fretboard with Quinton's 8th Free Lesson. It's quick, simple, and will add flavor to an otherwise standard strumming pattern. Good Luck!! Read On


Fender Made in Japan Traditional 60's Jazzmasters Review
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews
Thanks to a "doctor release," Blaise returns to the Electric Land but nearly leaves the show again when he realizes there's NO BEER!! Luckily, our friends from Deans Zesty Booch swoop in to save the day!! And Blaise finds a perfect pairing for the kombucha... Fender's new Made in Japan Traditional 60's Jazzmasters!! Read On


2019 Gibson Acoustic Guitar Rundown
CATEGORY: Product News
September 1st, 2018; Gibson announced some new guitars to the 2019 lineup. While nothing has really changed to the standard line, there are some fun new guitars coming into the fold for 2019. Read On


Review of the Guild D-40 Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
Guild is a guitar brand that often gets overlooked by many due to the "big boys" of American guitar makers. And although Guild may not be as popular as some other brands, we have been thoroughly impressed by their guitars since we started carrying them earlier this year. Read On

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