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A Look at the Hand Selected Martin Guatemalan Rosewood Dreadnought
CATEGORY: Product News
Through an through this guitar is a cannon and a delivers the tone you would expect from a Martin. Big room filling bass with a defined mid and treble. Read On


PRS SE Standard 24 - An Electric Land Review
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews, Product News
In today's episode the fellas can't believe how much guitar they're getting for the price! They also enjoy Black IPA from Bridger Brewing while reminiscing about the Rocky Series. AND, get some in-depth details about what the birds mean on the fretboards of PRS guitars! Read On


The Gibson J45 Custom Rosewood Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
So what happens when you take the “workhorse” and add a little more style? Or maybe the more accurate question is what happens when you send our Owner, Paul, out to Gibson and have him create a J-45, well you get the J-45 Rosewood with “Mystic” rosewood. Read On


A Look at the Cordoba C10 Classical Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
The tone of a classical guitar is instantly recognizable. For many guitar players, a classical guitar can add texture and depth to songs, whether on a recording or playing live. If you are ready to add a classical guitar to your arsenal, the Córdoba C10 is an excellent choice. Read On


Fender American Elite Nashville Tele HSS - Parallel Universe Review
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews, Product News
Today we get to test out the 2nd Parallel Universe guitar from Fender... this time an American Elite "Nashville" Tele HSS. Watch as Blaise claims to gain street-cred for knowing what a Nashville Tele is... Read On

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