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A Look at the 2018 Martin D-35 and HD-35 | What is the Difference?
CATEGORY: Product News
The Martin "D" guitars (dreadnought) have been the industry standard since the release of the D-1 and D-2 in 1931. The dreadnought shape helps produce a full rounded tone that can fill a room. Over the years Martin has produced a number of dreadnoughts, but two of their most popular models continue to be the HD-35 and D-35. Read On


A Look at the Gibson Super 200 Birdseye Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
One look at this Gibson Super 200 and it is undeniable that this acoustic guitar is stunning! Built as a limited edition, this guitar features a birdseye maple back and sides paired with a Sitka Spruce top. This combo of tonewoods, paired with the jumbo body size creates a big tone that allows the complete tonal range to come through. Read On


$200 and Under - Squier Electric Guitars by Fender
CATEGORY: Electric Land Reviews
Today the fellas skip the beer and go right to a touching tribute to the Touchers, followed by some amazing budget guitars made by Fender... all under $200!! Read On


Quinton's Lick of the Week (#1) - Classic Bluegrass Finish Lick
CATEGORY: Online Guitar Lessons
We get the request all the time... Why doesn't Quinton do any lesson videos?? Well, we listened and today we're super excited to launch his first free "lick of the week," a classic bluegrass finish lick. Enjoy!! Read On


Comparing the Taylor 314ce X-Bracing vs. V-Class Bracing
CATEGORY: Product News
We recently received our first 314ce with V-class bracing and decided to compare the V-class with X-bracing and let you decide which one you like better. Read On

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