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A Look at the Taylor 562ce 12-String Acoustic Guitar
CATEGORY: Product News
This is not your grandfather's 12-string! The Taylor 562ce is a modern take on the classic 12-string guitar that hits all the right notes. Easy to play, comfortable to hold and a sweet warm tone, this guitar may open the door to the 12-string world, previously shut to many. Read On


Mapex Black Panther Sledgehammer Snare Drum Review
CATEGORY: Product News
Today, Geno reviews the super tough Mapex Black Panther "Sledgehammer" Snare Drum... with some bonus footage featuring some crazy new stick innovations from ProMark. Read On


Gretsch Hollowbody (Streamliner G2420 and Electromatic G5420) - Electric Land Review
CATEGORY: Product News, Electric Land Reviews
Today, the fellas review 2 awesome Gretsch Hollowbody guitars... an Electromatic G5420 and a Streamliner G2420. They also talk about Elvis and that classic 50's sound while sipping the Vigilante IPA from our sponsor, Bridger Brewing! Read On


Genzler Magellan Heads (800 & 350) and Bass Array Cabs!
CATEGORY: Product News
In this review, Geno digs into a couple of our best-selling bass products from Genzler... the Magellan 800 paired with the Bass Array 12-3 Cab, and the 350 BA-10 Combo Amp. He showcases each with an incredible new Fender American Elite Jazz Bass! Read On


A Brief History of The Martin Guitar Company
CATEGORY: Editorial
After a recent trip to the Martin factory, we felt inspired to talk briefly about the history of the company. Martin is one of the oldest instrument manufacturers in the US and has a rich history that has changed the landscape of music. Read On

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