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Music Villa Recent Vibes


The Music Store: Blood Sweat & Shears
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Season 2, Episode 4: In episode 1 Stacy left “The Music Store” to pursue his lifelong hairstyling dream. With Stacy gone the crew is understaffed and crazy-busy, but is Stacy satisfied with his decision to leave? Find out as we invade his Beauty School, meet his peers, and get to know his excitable instructor Tim! Read On


The Music Store: Tow Truck Tango
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Season 2, Episode 3: Blaise parks in the loading zone in the back of “The Music Store” and returns to a car full of bubble wrap. He decides to retaliate resulting in Paul’s truck getting towed. Watch Paul’s blood boil when he discovers it’s all an inside job. Read On


The Music Store: Noah The New Guy
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Season 2, Episode 2: Watch as Blaise & Tony haze the new guy Noah, but their inappropriate locker-room humor doesn’t seem to break Noah’s wholesome personality… or does it? Read On


The Music Store: Hair Today Gone Tomorrow
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Season 2, Episode 1: In the Season 2 Opener Stacy says goodbye to Music Villa. After 12 years of dedicated employment, Stacy quits to become a hair dresser- and almost backs out in fear of being judged by his peers. Read On


The Music Store: Shred Master McShredski
CATEGORY: Music Store (Web Series)
Season 1, Episode 10: In the Season 1 Finale, it’s all about Stacy. Yes, he may have an affinity for butt-rock, bedazzled jeans, and peck-flexing, (and maybe a tiny man-crush on Andy Timmons)… but he still manages to score more babes than anyone else at “The Music Store.” Read On

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