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Scorpius-Leon Gulbonson

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Scorpius-Leon Gulbonson

Scorpius-Leon Gulbonson

Hi, my name is Leon Gulbronson; I have been in the music business for many years and I am still going strong. Above is a picture of me and my recent album with the band Scorpius "Full Circle". I strongly feel to be in the music business is not just to play music, its for the satisfaction of creating excellent music. When God gives you a gift, it is up to you to use your potential and put your best foot forward to nurture your talent and learn from all your experiences. There is an old saying that I heard many years ago called (carpe diem) that is "seize the day." When you have a talent and you run with it that is what you do every day of your life for the rest of your life, (seize the day) that is what I have done and will continue to do until my time is up on earth. I hope that you will enjoy this website as much as I do. I will tell you a little about myself, then you can look at this site and enjoy the sounds of my music.


To work as a single entertainer with a reliable music booking agency to entertain customers in dinner clubs, night clubs, coffee houses, or performing in concert for shows. I also hope to market my original songs and compositions with a major music corporation.


Performed as a musician and musical entertainer for over thirty years in the state of Montana and performed in venues throughout the Northwest. I performed in nightclubs, dinner clubs, and coffee houses as a single entertainer or performing with a band. I have opened concert performances with nationally known bands and artists throughout my musical career. I have played concerts with bands as well as performing in concert as a single entertainer.

Instruments for performance:

I am proficient in performing with piano, keyboards, and synthesizer. I play guitar, Spanish classical acoustical, electric and bass. I am skilled on drums, congas, bongos, programming percussion in cover songs as well as recorded original tunes. I am excellent in vocals and harmonies. IK sing and perform in all styles of music and genres. I have over thirty years experience in recording, mixing and mastering albums.


Excelled in music composition to win the title of Montana Gold Recording Artist. I took first place in a rock to riches music competition throughout the state of Montana, sponsored by Starstream Records and Atlantic Records. I placed in the top five in a state country music competition, sponsored by True Value Stores. i won the Sky River Talent Search with a band called the Silversonics in Seattle, Wa. I have written and recorde seven original albums and have three albums beng streamed on the largest streaming service in the world, Spotify as well as Itunes CD Baby and many other digital distribution sites on the internet. There have been over a thousand streams of my songs on Spotify alone in the past year.


I have studied fine arts at Western Montana College in Dillon, Mt. I completed two years of study at Western. My G.P. was 3.4 I have had thirty years of private study in music.

Album Availability:

Physical CDs of the album "Full Circle" are available upon e-mail request We also have our own website which has all the song samples of the tracks on the album plus lots more info.
It is http://www.songbirdltd.com The website was made by a Montana disc jockey and a good friend of mine for over 30 years. He put the videos together. On one of the videos featured here "Angels of Peace"which was set to my song also called "Angels of Peace" is dedicated to our fighting men. Another friend who also helped with the website filmed my recording session of the "Whisper in the Wind" video . Hope you check them out!